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Body Wise

Yesterday, I had a sort of out of body experience. As I was trying to fall asleep, I was tossing and turning because my left knee and ankle were really aching. I sat up and had a laugh that, at thirty, my body was already getting a little rickety. Then I had a moment of realization. I felt compassion for my body and everything it had been through in my lifetime. I felt sad for what it had endured, the injuries I had, the events I could not prevent, see coming, nor protect myself from. I wanted to do better by my body and take care of it the way I never could before. I am not sure how to explain what is going on with me, but I detached from my body and was one with it at the same time. I saw it as a part of this universe which I am in partnership with as a creator being. What I realized is this. Your body serves you dutifully and unconditionally. It holds you up all day, every day. It helps you do what you gotta do. Not only that, but it is a powerhouse of intelligence which keeps your heart pumping, lungs breathing, nutrients processing, energy regulating, and brain functioning. It never ever takes a day off. It is an alchemical combination of fire, earth, air, and water to create what is now your body—it is magic in rest and motion. There’s body heat, stardust, breath, and water in you. You are all of these elements and more.

Body love goes beyond loving the shape of you; lanky, rotund, squat, and other such adjectives. It goes beyond you and how good looking you are. Transcendent body love is recognizing your body as your most loyal and faithful ally, one which deserves utmost care, consideration, and respect for how unconditionally giving and supportive it is to you. It gives and gives, and continues to give. BUT. It is also meant to receive. Your body will flourish and thrive through receiving gifts of healthy foods, ample hydration, regular exercise, play, hugs and other gestures of physical affection, pampering, naps, adequate rest, and meditation. The next time you feel frustrated that there seems too much to do, too little time, recognize your body before you allow your mind to get harshly critical about what more it wants your body to do.

Today, I am on eight consecutive days of meditation practice. Every day, I continue to open up to intelligence and light flowing into space which meditation practice opens up. This is one of the incredible revelations which meditation has gifted to me, and now to you. GO LOVE YOURSELF!


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    1. Wow Wanda! I have got to read this book! Thank you so much for the mention and for reading my post. Isn’t it rad how synchronicities happen like this? Right after you finish reading your book, the universe gives you a little “I see what you’re doing” nod. Love it, thanks for sharing!

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