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Women’s March

There are billions of people on the planet. Not everyone is going to like you or connect with you. That’s OK. Don’t take garbage from people to have them like you. You’re better than that. It’s not easy to do, but it will make your life so much more fulfilling. Love yourself and be loved by the right people. Let people be happy the way that they are. Respect their unique journeys to wholeness, self-love, freedom, and fulfillment. Embrace and accept all life. It gets easier with practice and time. As you become more carefree and happy with life, people will wonder who you are and how you got to be that way. Don’t allow the things that hurt you make you lose hope. We have hope. Tell yourself that you have hope.

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Progress Towards Ending All Forms of Violence

The International Day of the Girl campaign to generate awareness about forms of violence towards girls was released on October 10, 2017. This and other examples provide encouraging signs that all forms of violence are on the decline, whether they may be physical or non-physical forms of violence, and that the ‘better angels of our nature’ are indeed beginning to rise to the occasion. We can revisit Abraham Lincoln’s statement from his Inaugural Address on March 4, 1861, as a timely call to action to merge both constructive civil action and compassion as a response to the challenges of our time.