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The Mindful & the Material: It Doesn’t Have to Be a Soap Opera

You can discipline and will yourself to pull yourself back from the external and be at peace in the midst of what is without needing any sort of experiential validation other than simply being—by doing so, you demonstrate that your “I AM” is greater than your “I HAVE.” Inherent wealth is this in a nutshell. It does not take an ascetic, hermetic, monastic, or off-the-grid life to have this. You do not have to slather yourself with patchouli essential oil, have your hair up in dreadlocks, swear off soap, or shirk all adult responsibilities. You can live right here, where you are, and be a total, genuine badass by daring to be as fully and truly you as can be. That’s what it takes.

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Shoshin (初心): Begin Again

Shoshin (初心) is a Zen Buddhist term to describe the beginner’s mind. Adopting this is a transformative revolution for your mindset which will accelerate your personal evolution. You’re not going to get it until you try it. At first, it could get wild.

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Give Yourself a Vibrational Raise

If you’ve been working a job for a while, you would expect to get paid more with time, right? Well, you’ve been doing this thing called life for a while and it would behoove you to give yourself a vibrational raise all day every day. As you go on through your life, life expands, you expand, and everything gets better and better. Life is an incremental and exponential progression—psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Your capability to give to and care for yourself, others, and what matters to you also increases every moment. Essentially, as you go on through life doing your best in each moment, your ability to love expands.

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The Energy of What’s Going on In This World

Remember, you are energy and light. There are microcosms in your body, your cellular structure, your cells. You are a universe of your own. The Judgment card is often about the re-‘s: Renewal, Reclamation, Restoration, Rebalance, Recommitment, Reconsideration, Reevaluation, and Remembrance of Who You Truly Are. The culmination of a lifetime’s worth of desires often becomes like a boarded up wishing well. It’s time to take that board off and see into it, see that it is full of stars. Release them to the sky and let them shine.

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Holistic Sustainability

There is no perfection on earth in which there is absolutely zero degradation, detriment, or deterioration worldwide. This is no cause for feeling discouragement. Small, meaningful choices and shifts in mindset contribute to your self, others, and the environment surrounding you.