About Emalani

Emma Bennett is an intuitive spiritual consultant based in Los Angeles. Her education includes shamanism, world religions, integral theory, spiral dynamics, psychobiology, globalization, and anthropology. She channels messages through oracle cards which serve as totems but also channels with her own intuition. She is currently on the Taoist path studying the Buddha Fa and universal metaphysics. Prior to this, she studied Mayahana Buddhism for nine years. She grew up in Hawai’i, where she learned of Mana, which is also known as Qi/Chi, the energy which flows through life. Ho’omana is the cultivation of this energy.

In her free time, she relishes an introverted life savoring walks, books, jazz drumming lessons, time with spiritual teachers and mentors, adventures and explorations, creative projects, metaphysical shops and spiritual bookstores, being with her favorite people, and staying happily, cozily at home.