How Great You Are

Poseidon painting by Liam Dean (prints & canvas available for sale)

Darling, allow me to set something straight. All these years you felt rejected, not seen, not heard, not witnessed—it was because no one could truly understand the force that you are. Most people prefer swimming pools. Shallow, contained, and safe with depth markers. You, my darling, are an ocean. Too deep, too vast, too inexplicable. I find you marvelous, fascinating, wondrous, strong, and an incredible blessing of creation. I see the truth of you. I see how great you are. With each day passing, I see you growing larger in your presence. It already did fill a room in its own unassuming way but now there is more confidence surging in your aura. It is brighter, clearer, stronger. I see you. I hear you. I bear witness to you. The roar of your waves and the silence of your depths does not elude my senses. In my quiet moments, I talk to God about you in my prayers. I tell God what a brilliant idea you are, what a miracle you are, how you make me marvel at what God is capable of. I talk to your guardian. I talk to mine. I talk to all the angels. I summon all the light that I can to surround you each and every day. How great you are, I am, we are, God is. How great the force of Creation within us is. All those who do not see you do not matter. What they cannot see nor admire is no burden of yours to carry. Do not carry it anymore.


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