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The Energy of What’s Going on In This World

As a sweet and simple fill-in on how I use divination to gain insight into what we can do to reveal our best and highest selves, I use tarot and oracle cards as totems to interpret messages from my Higher Self as well as simply receiving direct downloads. I do not predict the future nor can I tell you if some person’s got the hots for you and wants your phone number. What I do know is what’s going on with transcendental, transpersonal evolution. The whole shebang. Physical, mental/psychological, emotional, spiritual.

Tarot has 78 cards, as the I Ching’s Zhou Yi has 64 interpretations. The I Ching is the oldest divination system known historically. It is a form of cleromancy, explained as “casting lots” in the Bible. I Ching focuses on outcomes. I use tarot to focus on insights, action items, and post-mortem evaluations to learn truths which transcend the 3rd-dimensional material realm. It took me a while to train and step up to the job of being an Oracle because I didn’t understand the paradoxical nature of destiny for a very long time. Everyone has both a destiny and freewill choice, the thing is, you are to use your freewill choice to accept and receive your destiny. You may think you know what you want out of life and that it is your choice to go for it, to manifest, to make it happen, but what’s to say that it wasn’t all your destiny all along? This is the ingenious plot of God to make your destiny your choice.

This is a critical reason why you need to learn how to balance understanding your true heart’s desires and the fear-based egoic fancies which are like a child’s liking for colorful candy which does you no good. Your true heart’s desires unfold your destiny. Your egoic fancies delay your path, distract you, and throw you into a labyrinth of mirrors. You often have such fancies and inclinations out of a reaction of fear. For example, when I was a child, my biological parents were irresponsible, had substance abuse and domestic violence issues, bankrupted, and I experienced homelessness at the age of nine. So, for nearly two decades, I overhauled my masculine energy and developed a harsh scarcity fear which was against my true magnanimous nature. My drive for prosperity and fulfillment became tinged with fear and negatively motivated, I have been working on changing this in recent years. To be positively motivated, I have to refocus constantly on the truth of why I desire prosperity and fulfillment—to taste of the fullness of life, to be truly present for what and who matters most for me, to leave no dance undanced and no song unsung, to afford to be the generous person I naturally am, and to support my life’s purpose.

I bring this up because this is a part of what the Judgment tarot card’s message brings you today. I did a weekend Angel Tarot guidance reading to bring you insight on what’s going on with your transcendental evolution journey these days. Keep in mind, time is a 3rd-dimensional material construct, humanity and this world has been shifted to a 5th-dimensional construct necessitating the collapse of Duality Illusion and embracing Unity Consciousness, the energetic frequency of Unconditional Love.

Judgment has been coming up a lot lately, for months now. Archangel Gabriel has definitely sounded her clarion call.

This is the Judgment card from the Inner Child tarot by Isha Lerner:

XX The Three Little Pigs

When this card appears in your reading, remember to build the world around you in a practical manner. Is your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical universe anchored in truth and wisdom? Focus more on quality than quantity while creating beautiful works of art. Follow the call of the wild and listen to the voice within that guides you to fulfill your higher destiny. Take time to make weighty decisions. Realize the implications of your acts for the future. Stop wasting your strength by criticizing others. Recall the ancient adage \Judge not, lest you be judged.\ Reinforce your positive, upbeat, and inherently good nature so that the dark elements of the world cannot break down your resolve and dedication.

One thing that I’m seeing is a reclamation of all of who you are. You’ve been working on wishing and manifestation from childhood. There may have been a discouragement from wishful thinking, showing off, naïveté, childishness, idealism, etc.

An interesting thing is that inner child wish reclamation will help you balance, restore yourself to a harmony which was always the truth of who you are. This is the keynote, get back to harmony, start calling in the love and prosperity which is already your divine inheritance.

Judgment coming alongside the 6 of Pentacles indicates a Restoration towards a harmonization which will call abundance into your life and get you in alignment with a higher vibrational frequency. Remember, you are energy and light. There are microcosms in your body, your cellular structure, your cells. You are a universe of your own. The Judgment card is often about the re-‘s: Renewal, Reclamation, Restoration, Rebalance, Recommitment, Reconsideration, Reevaluation, and Remembrance of Who You Truly Are. The culmination of a lifetime’s worth of desires often becomes like a boarded up wishing well. It’s time to take that board off and see into it, see that it is full of stars. Release them to the sky and let them shine.

Your inner child has been safekeeping your deepest heart’s desires. Getting in touch with and healing the inner child will help you release those innermost desires and truths about who you are, raise your kundalini, sexuality, sensuality, creativity, prosperity, loving magnetism, facilitate healing, and empower you. You are not a fragmented person. None of these secrets were ever kept from you to harm you nor have your innate desires been there merely to tease you as a cosmic joke. Everything has a reason. The timing is right and it’s right now.

Your inner child is the Innocent Warrior, the remembrance of God and Divine Heritage, and your kingdom’s protective Dragon. He or she will even protect you from yourself. The Innocent Warrior will smile and, with a deep bow of respect, say, “Welcome home, Master,” when you get a grip on Unconditional Love, get out of your own way, become the master of your ego and not the other way around, let go of labels and judgments, let go of meaningless preconditions and obsolete belief constructs.

This is the message from the Divine today. I’m your messenger. If you need a reading with me for a quick and easy insight summary, please check my booking page on top of this site. If you need a more focused consultation on Inner Child reconciliation, please book 45 minutes or an hour with me. This is something I have been learning for about nine years now and am still learning. I would be glad to condense the years of lessons so that you don’t have to spend nine years getting the answers. Book here.

Thank you always for your love and support.


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