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Spirit of an Entrepreneur

Today is a big day! I worked for several hours on getting this website redesigned. Today, I got the official notice that my company, Emalani L.L.C. is registered!

This is my business. I am an author, a woman, an entrepreneur. I have a lot to share with people and am happy to do so. I am writing books, giving talks and workshops, teaching, and mentoring.

I have been working on writing a short booklet on awareness. I find it very important that people consider sustainability when they feel the urge to step out and see the path appear. It is a fantastic feat of daring to be an entrepreneur, but there are spiritual considerations as well as monetary.

Being an entrepreneur is an attitude, a discipline, and the courage of self-definition. It means that you no longer will hold fast to the attachment to the financial system and allow for something greater than yourself to be your system.

Entrepreneurship can be something life-affirming and soul-sustaining. Having work for yourself which engages your passions, talents, gifts, abilities, and the powers you innately have is ultimately soul-sustaining.

In a spiritual sense, this kind of work can help tremendously with karmic cleansing and purification of your body energy. If you work in a corporate environment at a job you feel like you went for because you needed a steady paycheck and had to do something, anything with your degree, you often have little to no choice in defending yourself from unwanted stimulation or environmental stresses which cause somatic tension build-ups. In the long run, this could obfuscate your sense of purpose and fulfillment. Some people are able to balance very well and feel joyful, have plenty of time to take care of their selves, and hum at work. Others feel like they don’t fit. Both situations are okay. Both are individual experiences of differing life paths.

In his book The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks calls a person’s max potential performance the Zone of Genius. This is the phenomenon of someone fully engaging their potential. The spirituality of entrepreneurship is just this—authentic full engagement. If a part of that means disengagement from something which is not genuinely meaningful for you or moonlighting so that you can feel happy producing, it can be empowering for you to step forward.

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