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Give Yourself a Vibrational Raise

If you’ve been working a job for a while, you would expect to get paid more with time, right? Well, you’ve been doing this thing called life for a while and it would behoove you to give yourself a vibrational raise all day every day. As you go on through your life, life expands, you expand, and everything gets better and better. Life is an incremental and exponential progression—psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Your capability to give to and care for yourself, others, and what matters to you also increases every moment. Essentially, as you go on through life doing your best in each moment, your ability to love expands.

You know how there are these studies that show how people in hospitals heal faster and better when people come to love and support them? The same thing happens for people spiritually too. Their situations improve faster and better. Manifestations quicken. The magnetic attractive quality of the love vibration is like an irresistible pheromone. People who are mostly alone lose hope and energy, aren’t as able to believe in themselves, and are more prone to difficulties. Love is a high vibrational frequency. You are better capable of attracting, manifesting, and remaining stably empowered when you are loved and supported.

Love yourself. Treat yourself well. Meditate. Read. Spend quality time with people you love who love you back. Appreciate yourself and others. Unconditionally accept and love as best as you can. Face your emotions with compassion and let them come through like people on the moving walkways at the airport, don’t fight them back. Laugh, play, forgive, and love often. Listen and be present all the time. Loving yourself, others, and life feels so good, it’s crazy not to indulge!

Love, compassion, self-care, support, safety, security, and gratitude will not only clear your energy to be better receptive of inner and outer messages, but also to receive blessings. Receive the love of others, their appreciation, compliments, generosity, and considerations graciously. Love yourself like you’re worth it, like you are Somebody, because, baby, you are. Loving yourself and being loved go hand in hand. When you feel safe and well in your world, you have more of a sense of calm and clarity. This right here is the sweet spot. This is power.

It might take a little while, maybe even a few years, it’s taken me nearly a decade to learn that taking it easy is easy and I’m still learning but I am over the largest hill. Things do not have to be difficult! Your ego might think there is a catch, some fine print, or something fishy and you might be triggered by receiving and accepting joy. Be compassionate about those triggers. This is an essential practice of emotional self-care. Self-care is a radical vibrational raising practice.


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